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Lowbrow Lounge Sessions - Friday January 13th

Posted by samizdat on 8 January 2012

Throw some salt over your shoulder, don't step on any cracks, and make your way down to the Lowbrow Lounge for superstition erasing fun. Saltfeend, myself, and I feel I can share this, some other DJ's who will bringing more bounce to the ounce.

Because my posting here has been, let's call it anemic, if you want to check the flyer look a couple posts down.

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Lowbrow Lounge Session - Friday Sept. 9th

Posted by samizdat on 6 September 2011

Come on down to the Low Brow Lounge this Friday for Saltfeend and myself on the decks 10 til close. If that's not enough to get you there, expect new visuals by the Feend and the same tots and high-life you've come to love. 

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