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Bass Labs Podcast #2

Posted by samizdat on 16 October 2011


Back at it. Bass Labs #2 cues up an hour of dubby, techy, chunky chorded goodness. Plenty of atmosphere as well to help usher in the fall, a great mix for rainy drives. There's some Emptyset and few techier tunes to keep you from going completely comatose before the hour is up. 






  Track Artist Label
1 Emiliano's Victory Sonitus Eco Deep in Dub
2 Swayings
Phonobox Spain
3 9 & 6
The Analog Roland Orchestra
4 Sofitel
DeepChord Soma Quality Recordings
5 Untitled
Empathy Dub
Empathy Dub
6 Second Quarter
7 Troddin (Version)
Rhythm & Sound
Burial Mix
8 First Quarter
9 Reminder
Ki Records
10 7 & 6
The Analog Roland Orchestra
11 Beyond
Caravan Recordings
12 Massive Central
Ki Records
13 Untitled
Empathy Dub
Empathy Dub
14 New Analogue Century
Modern Love
15 Tracers (Deadbeat Remix)
Hotflush Recordings
16 Vantage Isle (DC Mix I)

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Monkeytek's Rub A Dub Style Mix for Bass Labs

Posted by samizdat on 21 July 2011


For the first guest mix here at bass labs, I'm proud to be able to post a mix from the man, the myth, the Monkeytek. If you're looking for an excellent selection of dub tunes, this is your mix. You'll be pulling it back more times than you can count. Also, if you want a physical copy of the mix you'll be soon be able to get a copy on cassette from Mississippi Records.

Monkeytek's Rub A Dub Style Mix For Bass Laboratories Summer 2011

Roberto Sanchez, Ranking Forrest & Roots Fiyah Crew Rub A Dub Style
Gussie P & Mafia & Fluxy Band Lickle Poor Man Dub
Gussie P Round Four Dub
Michael Prophet Meets Gussie P 72 Nations Of Dub
Michael Prophet Jah Blessing (Version)
Rod Taylor Give I Dub (Version)
Andrew Bees Millitant
Wailers Higher Field Marshall (Version)
Jah Warrior Heartical Dub
Winston McAnuff Burdens Heavier In Dub (Version)
Peter Broggs Meets Jah Warrior Warning
Red & Blue Question
Pale Rider Kingly Character
Dj Olive Coonymus (Extract)
Ken Booth Memories (Version)
We If They See (Extract)
Roberto Sanchez & Ranking Forrest Mankind Round 2

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Bass Labs Podcast #1

Posted by samizdat on 8 July 2011


I'm pleased to kick off the podcast series with a quick mix of a batch of songs that have been hanging out at the front of the box recently. Especially the two vocal tracks. 'Falling' is the prototypical ear-worm, love it or hate it, you'll be hearing it in your head long after you've heard the mix. The V.I.V.E.K. tunes were a happy find, I'd been hearing them on his mini mix for a while and was quite happy when they saw a proper release. Another recent surprise was the 'Diablo Riddim', even more surprising was how well it worked with '18th special'. It was a magic moment mixing it. Hope it translates out.


Dig the music kids...




  Track Artist Label
1 Looking Back Cyrus Chestplate
2 Sinners Benton Box Clever
3 Dark Skies Tunnidge Deep Medi
4 Time is the Fire DJG Transistor
5 Manhattan Blues Cyrus Deep Medi
6 Dub Marine (Kryptic Minds Remix) DJ Madd Black Box
7 Can't Sleep ft. Alys Be Kryptic Minds Black Box
8 Eyes Down V.I.V.E.K. Deep Medi
9 SOS Daega Sound Blipswitch Digital
10 Falling Distance Chestplate
11 ASAP Von D Boka Records
12 Stay Truth Disfigured Dubs
13 Forseen Freeze & LX One Osiris Music
14 Double Blind Matt U Boka
15 E-von Von D Boka Records
16 Wednesday Truth Disfigured Dubs
17 Diablo Riddim (Hektagon's Shuffle) Piece of Shh Svetlana Industries
18 18th Special Horsepower Productions Tempa
19 Swish Pinch Deep Medi
20 Spread Love V.I.V.E.K. Deep Medi

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The Deep End

Posted by samizdat on 6 June 2011


  1. Sinister - Seven - Black Box 
  2. Strategy - V.I.V.E.K. - Deep Medi 
  3. Noir - Jus Wan 
  4. Reservoir - Synkro - Box Clever 
  5. The Ghost (Headhunter Remix) - XI - Orca Recordings 
  6. Grandfather Clock - V.I.V.E.K. - Deep Medi 
  7. Chronicles - DJG 
  8. Indigo Mood - Truth - Aquatic Lab 
  9. The Fullest - Jack Sparrow - Tectonic 
  10. Flip The Coin - Ben Verse - Wheel & Deal 
  11. The Boxer - Pinch - Tectonic 
  12. Tenopause - Calibre - Deep Medi 
  13. Querky - Commodo - Untitled! 
  14. Wait - Seven - Black Box 
  15. Off The Wall - The Others - Dub Police 
  16. Wicked Vibe Broccoli - Truth - Aquatic Lab 
  17. Avoid The Noid (Headhunter Remix) - DJG - Pushing Red 
  18. Avoid The Noid - DJG - Pushing Red 
  19. U - Von D & DJ Madd - Boka 
  20. Bombay Sapphire - Truth & Dutty Ranks - Argon


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